On Carcavelos Beach you´ll find a little bit of Portugal, especially around the Estoril Coast. We will give you information on where to go, what to see, our history, our traditions, invite to visit our museums and monuments, atend our cultural and Sport events. We will give you our famous recipes from our fantastic gastronomy, and know and then we will share a little bit of our favorite things. We hope you’ll enjoy the journey. Thank you and welcome to Carcavelos Beach.


Description: Full-bodied wine (vinho generoso) produced with a blend of Portuguese grape varieties and matured in barrels in the D.O.C. Carcavelos area. Vinho generoso is a quality standard awarded to only four fortified Portuguese wines: Carcavelos, Madeira, Porto and Setubal. Carcavelos, the smallest of these areas, was created in the eighteenth century by the Marqués de Pombal, the first person ever to establish wine regions by law. Then, in 1908, during the reign of D. Carlos, Carcavelos was officially recognized as Denomination Origin Controlated (D.O.C.). Quinta dos Pesos goes to great length to maintain the traditional quality of this great wine. The precious stock is lovingly cultivated in his vineyards and then matured in barrels. The result is this rich, fragrant wine. So relax and enjoy it, served as an aperitif at 12-14°C or at the same temperature as an after-dinner wine.

Grapes: The principle grapes of the Carcavelos region includes Arinto, Boal, Galego Dourado, Negra Mole, Trincadeira and Torneiro.

Year: 1989
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