On Carcavelos Beach you´ll find a little bit of Portugal, especially around the Estoril Coast. We will give you information on where to go, what to see, our history, our traditions, invite to visit our museums and monuments, atend our cultural and Sport events. We will give you our famous recipes from our fantastic gastronomy, and know and then we will share a little bit of our favorite things. We hope you’ll enjoy the journey. Thank you and welcome to Carcavelos Beach.


If it is curiosity that stimulates the mind and induces the collector, the object of art he chooses out of his passion cannot be isolated from the expectations of a certain time, or of other people. In a way, the collector searches and brings together works of art that others would like to find and gather. Most of the time without knowing it, the collector turns other people’s dreams into reality. It is the relationship between one’s dreams and those of others that determines the destiny of any collection and ensures its place in the community.

The Berardo Collection is the result of an exercise in open-mindedness. We have made an effort to acquire works, which would illustrate, through their quality, the creative imagination of the artists. We do not accept any kind of limitation regarding movements, techniques or nationalities. On the contrary, we wish to keep these Collections open to the future and open to the public. Nevertheless visiting this site does not replace true contact with the work of art.

The site is an approximate illustration of the Collections - new artworks are being added - to remind people, and also myself that artistic creation is the human condition in its freer form. In the last three decades, friends, collaborators, consultants and writers have helped me collect these works of art following rigorous criteria.

I hope this Collection will inspire other Institutions and individuals to create and broaden collections, so that the coming generations may keep alive our days, our concerns, and our hopes through Art.

Joe Berardo

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