On Carcavelos Beach you´ll find a little bit of Portugal, especially around the Estoril Coast. We will give you information on where to go, what to see, our history, our traditions, invite to visit our museums and monuments, atend our cultural and Sport events. We will give you our famous recipes from our fantastic gastronomy, and know and then we will share a little bit of our favorite things. We hope you’ll enjoy the journey. Thank you and welcome to Carcavelos Beach.

Cerâmica Artística de Carcavelos

Founded in May 1987, the "Cerâmica Artística de Carcavelos" main activity has been the production of hand painted tiles, always capturing the high technical quality and aesthetic fidelity of decorations and themes found in tiles from the 16th to 20th century.

Their main goal has been the training and hiring professionals capable of manufacturing and restoring tiles, allowing them to constatly improve the final result of the tiles and judging even more demanding criteria in the conservation and recovery of single tiles as well as major tiles artwork.

In the area of restoring artwork, they feel that it is imperative to provide their permenent collaborators technical and professional training. The professionals that periodically participate in their projects have traning that is recognized by official cultural entities.



Specialized in:
Antique Original Tiles, Conservation and Restoration, Coats of Arms, Religious, Individual Tiles, Panelings, Information Panels.
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