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Enquanto Salazar Dormia...(While Salazar was asleep) by Domingos Amaral

Lisbon, 1941. An oasis of peace in Europe hit by the horrors of World War II. The refugees arrive by the thousands and Lisbon is full with millionaires and movie stars, spies and Jews. Portugal becomes the stage of a secret war, that Salazar allows, but watch from a distance.

Our hero Jack Gil Mascarenhas, becames a spy for MI6 , works to dismantle the the Nazi
spy network operating throughout the country, from Estoril to a St. Vincent, from Alfama to Ericeira. These are his memories, told 50 years later and he recalls the times he had lived in Lisbon full of sun, light, and shadows of love. Jack Gil remembers the women he loved, the sumptuous environment of the Hotel Aviz, where spies crossed with ambassadors and kings, and sinister's members of the Salazar´s secret police or even the taxi drivers in town.

A secret and hidden world, where things happen "While Salazar was asleep," as Michael said ironically, the great friend of Jack, also a spy for MI6. In a divided country, men become more harsh and women more available. Boil intrigue and gossip, in a dirty war and sophistication, transforming Portugal and those who lived there in the 40s.

Product Details

  • Paperback: 467 pages
  • Publisher: Casa das Letras (2006)
  • ISBN-13: 9724616541
  • Portuguese Edition

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