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The toys exhibited in this Museum are part of a collection gathered during more than 50 years by João Arbués Moreira.
This collection started when he was 14 years old with the toys offered to him and other toys witch belonged to his parents and grand parents. With age, his taste refined and his buying power increased along with an acute curiosity, to learn more about the pieces collected, their origin, their manufacturer, their history.

Thus, it was initiated a lifetime of permanent researching and purchasing of older samples and the interest towards the History of Mankind so well portrayed through toys.
Along the years the collection increased up to more than 40.000 different toys. There was a need to preserve and exhibit such collection, making it possible to the public to have contact with the biggest collection of this kind in Portugal.

In 1987 it was created the Foundation Arbués Moreira to which all the collection was donated. Two years later, an agreement with the Sintra Town Hall provided a space which allowed the opening of the Museu do Brinquedo in Sintra.

The collection continued to grow and the space which housed the museum became too small for all the toys purchased and donated in the meanwhile. Therefore, it was more than necessary to find a new location that could house all the collection and simultaneously provide a richer communication between the museum and its visitors.

This new location, in the old Sintra Firemen Head Quarters, includes appropriate facilities to watch thematic videos, a playful multimedia room, a room designed to set up a temporary exhibitions and a restoration workshop.

Visitor nformation:

Rua Visconde de Monserrate,
2710 Sintra

Tel: +351 21 924 21 71
Fax: + 351 31 923 00 59
Email: m-brinquedo@museu-do-brinquedo.pt


Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Sunday From 10h00 to 18h00
Closed on Mondays

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