On Carcavelos Beach you´ll find a little bit of Portugal, especially around the Estoril Coast. We will give you information on where to go, what to see, our history, our traditions, invite to visit our museums and monuments, atend our cultural and Sport events. We will give you our famous recipes from our fantastic gastronomy, and know and then we will share a little bit of our favorite things. We hope you’ll enjoy the journey. Thank you and welcome to Carcavelos Beach.

Estoril Handicrafts Fair August 2010

Until 29 August, the Estoril Handicrafts Fair once again brings together more than three hundred craftspeople providing live demonstrations of the ancestral techniques and traditions of their art. Created 47 years ago, this is the oldest event of its kind in Portugal.

Cuisine, like handicrafts, also makes a strong showing at the fair, where the entire range of Portugal’s culinary wealth can be enjoyed in the many eating areas devoted to the country’s regional specialities. The snacks, baked goods and pastries typical of North and South Portugal will delight everyone, and weekly demonstrations of regional dishes are also on the agenda.

Dedicated to the many expressions of popular culture, this event offers a broad programme of daily musical entertainment, with some of the best Portuguese artists and groups from every musical genre, including folkloric “ranchos” and cultural groups. Presentations will also be given by orchestras, philharmonic bands and jazz groups, among other styles.

Friday evenings are reserved for fado, sung by the voices of Diamantina, Ana Laíns, Pedro Moutinho, Jorge Fernando and Fábia Rebordão, Yola Dinis and Isabel Noronha, Cristina Branco, Alexandra Guimarães, Ricardo Ribeiro and Maria João Quadros.

With its younger audience in mind, the fair is offering a space for fun activities where children can participate in workshops, performances and games under specialised supervision.

The Estoril Handicrafts Fair will be open from 6 pm to midnight on weekdays and from 5 pm until midnight on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
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